Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, Aug 2019

In otherwise-unassuming farmland outside of McMinnville, Oregon, is the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. The museum’s most famous and most immediately stunning piece is the Hughes Flying Boat H-4, a.k.a. the Spruce Goose, but the place is packed to the gills with fascinating artifacts — planes, helicopters, rockets, memorabilia, and more — particularly from the Cold War era. You don’t have to be an aerospace nerd to enjoy it; it’s impressive to even a novice.

In late August 2019, Elaine Schimek and I visited. Some of the more interesting exhibits included the beautifully preserved (so well it could fly today) “City of Reno” DC-3A Mainliner plane, a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird with its spy cameras on display, and a Titan II rocket in a replica silo.

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