Grethershot: Morgan Stone Grether Photography
Grethershot: Morgan Stone Grether Photography


Morgan Stone Grether is a travel, event, and portrait photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. His photographs have been shown in galleries in New York, Miami, Berlin, Madrid, and Portland.

His posts at have had tens of millions of "likes"  and hundreds of thousands of comments. He has worked with major corporations like Google, Ford, Chevy, and Hilton on social media projects. (Find out more in his media kit.)

Photography has been his passion since childhood, when he first started taking polaroids of wildlife with his grandfather in the Idaho mountains. Now you will never catch him without a camera.

In his spare time he is with his daughters and his guitar.

Photography Style

Morgan strives for a natural style of photography, capturing the subtle, real beauty of a scene without edits being required. He has many cameras, but his favorites are his iPhone 7 Plus, Canon AE-1, and Canon 6D.