Fields Bridge Park, West Linn, Oregon

Continuing my quest to visit all the parks of Oregon, Amanda Ulrich  and I visited Fields Bridge Park in April 2017. The park is not large, and a good deal of its 19 acres is devoted to ball fields and parking. And yet I would call this park a real gem for the town of West Linn, particularly for someone in a wheelchair, as its flat, well maintained trails hug right along the shore of the gorgeous Tualatin River.

There is so much educational material about the famous Willamette Meteorite, or Tomonowos, as it was called by natives, I feel like a little bit of an expert now, ha. (It was found here thousands of years ago by ancestors of today's Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde before being removed in 1902 and then winding up at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City; it is the largest meteorite ever found in North America.)

Anyway, the spring weather finally cleared and we had wonderful conditions while visiting. There are numerous benches along the water, and a couple of picnic tables even. A peaceful, serene way to experience the Tualatin River up close.