Drive Through Central Idaho, May 2016

While visiting a sick friend in Boise in May 2016, I had a free morning and decided to take a drive up into the mountains of central Idaho to visit the places of my childhood. It was a quick blast of nostalgia that was met with a rainstorm and then blizzard at the high altitudes.

The trip: I went east out of town to Mountain Home and Fairfield, then north into Sun Valley to brunch at the justifiably famous Lodge. After eating I took a quick hike up Trail Creek, past the Hemingway Memorial, one of my favorite spots in town. Next up was a rainy drive to Galena Pass (where the rain became a blizzard) to watch the Sawtooth Mountain peaks peek (sorry for the pun) in and out of rain clouds. Next came a short hike at Stanley Lake and then a drive along Canyon Creek and the Payette River back towards Boise.