Elizabet Cerviño: Stand Up or Change Posture, Jan 2016

At the Hoffman Gallery January 2016, Cuban performance artist Elizabet Cerviño presented her piece: Stand Up or Change Posture (Llanto de la Ceremonia) as part of the Intersecciones: Havana/Portland art project at Lewis & Clark.

Dressed all in white, she sat on the floor of the gallery and over the course of the next hour was buried shovelful by shovelful under a mound of dirt. At first only a few of us photographers were there, but by the end the audience filled the room, and eerie silence (broken only by the sound of the shovel) was replaced by a powerful buzz of spectators discussing the scene. When the shoveling stopped, Cerviño ever-so-slowly sat up, then stood up, then after a few minutes walked off. 

Please enjoy the event photos as well as the timelapse video below.

Nice person in Portland, Oregon, and beyond.