OMHT Lake Project: Timothy Lake

In November 2015 I worked with Oregon's Mount Hood Territory (OMHT) to explore seven (and a half) lakes south of Mount Hood in 48 hours. I loved them all, but the real surprise for me was Timothy Lake, a large, gorgeous body of water southeast of Government Camp (and 70 miles from Portland on Road 57). It's a bright blue jewel, and I am amazed I'd not visited previously. But I will certainly return.

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Timothy Lake was the only lake we visited that had no ice on it, even though the air was well below freezing and snow covered the shoreline. Timothy rests among softly rolling Cascade mountains, and to the north Hood dominates the view. We were the only people there our whole visit; since I counted 10 campgrounds there, I am assuming that in the summer that will never be repeated. Models: Meghan Sinnott and Maddy the Snow-Lover Dog

I shot with an iPhone 6 Plus and a Canon 6D with 85 1.2 and 75-300mm 4-5.6 lenses. None of the images is edited.