Maryhill Museum of Art, April 2018

In the lonely high desert plains east of The Dalles, isolated on a ridge above the Columbia River, sits the Maryhill Museum of Art, with a delightful, eclectic collection including one of the biggest displays of Rodin in the entire western United States. They also have various chess sets, furniture from Romanian royalty, vintage clothing displays, and more. A fascinating, zany place. While we were there, Elaine and I made sure to see the adjacent Stonehenge monument to fallen World War I soldiers. Both the Stonehenge and the museum were built by Sam Hill, who was also responsible for Oregon constructing the Columbia River Highway about a century ago.

And on our way to the museum, we made sure to stop of glorious Latourell Falls in the Gorge. Always an incredible sight. Luckily it was spared the devastation of much of the Oregon side of the Gorge during last year's arson fire.