Shore Acres Cliffs, December 2018

I’ve blogged previously about Shore Acres State Park on Oregon’s southern coast near the city of Coos Bay; that visit was at the start of summertime, and this time I was there in the dead of winter. I think it’s fun to compare the difference that the gray December light has on the park. Shore Acres, for what it’s worth, has three main parts: the botanical gardens and home, Simpson beach, and the surreal sandstone cliffs. This post focuses on the cliffs. The layers of sandstone are in some spots almost 45 degrees from horizontal, and the rock colors range from gray to yellow to neon red. But the most interesting aspect is how the water and wind erode the rock into bizarre, alien shapes most succinctly described as “like Swiss cheese.” I hope you enjoy the photos so much that you visit the cliffs soon yourself. (Unless of course you suffer from trypophobia!)

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