The Beaches of Bandon, Oregon

In May 2015, I explored the incredible beaches of Bandon, Oregon. The rock monoliths there, particularly the well-named Face Rock, are surreally beautiful, and while I did my best to capture them, they truly must be seen in person to be believed. Bandon, about a four-hour drive from Portland, is one of the western-most towns along the coast and sits at the mouth of the Coquille River... where you can find the also-well-named Coquille River lighthouse. Any visitors to Coos county should stop by to see the natural beauty of Bandon. And it has a fun little old town district.

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(The images above were given only minor Lightroom edits using the Through the Woods workflow from Sleeklens. The workflow comes with 42 brushes and 80 presets designed to bring out the contrast and shadows properly in landscape photos. I played with everything in Through the Woods, but the thing I enjoyed the most is a single preset called Base-Cinematic; all of the images are processed with it. It did a great job at highlighting the pinks in the beautifully foggy-sunny air during my visit to Bandon. )

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