Tacoma, Day 2: Five-Mile Drive in Point Defiance, July 2016

For Travel Tacoma and Visit Rainier, five of us bloggers/instagrammers took part in an "instafam" tour of the greater Tacoma and Mt. Rainier areas in July 2016. Here is the first of several blog posts about the trip. One of the true must-sees when you're in Tacoma is the Five-Mile Drive through Point Defiance Park. You'll find hiking and biking trails through lush forest; you'll relax on serene Owen Beach with wonderful views of Pugent Sound and Mt. Rainier alike; you'll see thriving wildlife... particularly raccoons (one of my favorite animals). Other parts of the park have spectacular flower gardens, as well as the zoo and aquarium. I've visited the park every time I've been in Tacoma, and I'm ready to go back again!